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High Comfort and High Performance

RANGER was developed for African bush-pilot and protector of animals Eugene Cussons, founder of the RAPTOR project to fight against poachers in the national parks of Africa. Eugene together with Ranger are ready to confront this challenging task and to help protect animals in the toughest conditions.

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The new addition to the Nirvana family meets the requirements for working in the most demanding terrain.

It was developed specially for the Rangers, conservationists but also for hobby photographers. The requirements were: powerful engine, the possibility of fast action and equipment facilitating flights in difficult conditions … and it succeeded! Ranger drives the engine NS 230 (previously mounted only to Instinct) allowing landing and subsequent take-off on a very small areas. The fast action contributes throttle with START / STOP button which allows low pass over the landscape and subsequent immediate start of the engine and disappearingover the hills.

The air filter on the one hand brings warm air directly to the carburettor and improves engine running in cold weather and on the other hand contributes to the reduction of engine noise. Have you ever forgot to disconnect battery and then were not able to start? With Ranger it wil not happen again – shortly after landing is connected battery announced by beeeping! And as icing on the cake, we have added a comfortable seat RANGER KAMO with bottom container.

Safety First

Safety is the most important element, and we have devoted a lot of efforts, particularly in the construction of the fuel tank, and skeleton, frame, thus to create crumple zones in the event of impact.

  • Durable plastic tank catches most in contact with the ground
  • Frame – first deformational zone
  • Laminate back shell protecting pilots spine during the flight or during any hard landing.

Additional security features we can count:

  • Two main switches protect you and your surroundings to prevent accidental starting of the engine and disable the engine when any problems occur during launch, flight and landing!
  • Simple fuel mirror gauge will always instantly accurately inform you about the fuel supply.
  • Soft suspension parachute into the harness parachute cord maximum protection from vibration and thus extend the life of most lines.
Engine NS230
Power 32 Horse Power (7000 RPM)
Ignition NIRVANA CIR (electronic with pre-ignition and battery charging regulation)
Carbutetorr Diaphragm WALBRO WB37
Reduction Belting 1:2.5 NIRVANA
Exhaust Tunned NIRVANA
Propeller Carbon three-blade 4R3 125cm
Starter Manual and electrical
Tank 10 l, integration into the skeleton
Body Self-supporting, laminated shell, sand colour
Frame Aluminium, four-parts, foldable
Harness Anatomic construction silencing of the remaining vibrations, straps AustriAlpin Cobra, front reserve container – removable, foldaway spacers
Accessories Maintenance-free NiCd battery charged during the flight, socket 16.8 VDC, fuel gauge
Gear Padded bag for engine complete with wheels, frame and propeller packs
Weight 25 kg (empty unit without harness)
Recommended weight of pilot 80 – 160 kg (single or tandem)
Minimal Static Thrust 80 kP
Fuel Consumption 3-5l (depending on the pilot´s weight and glider)


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