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Highest Class of Paramotor Available to Everyone

The Instinct features aerodynamic design, a coherent structure, sophisticated details, and new materials compatible with other Nirvana products.

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We think that the INSTINCT HIGH-LINE is the highest class of paramotors available to everyone. With this paramotor, you will be able to cross an entire continent or win the world championship. We believe that it has everything a top quality paramotor should have. The entire shell is made from a carbon-kevlar sandwich, which guarantees the lightest possible weight with maximum strength. All new additions and technologies are the result of years of development and our own experience in competitions and expeditions from around the world are reflected in this model.

The engine is based on the proven and tested Rodeo engine NS 200 with added new systems suitable for flying single seat or tandem and capable of carrying a crew weighing up to 200 kg. The new generation of aeroelastic propellers ensures optimal thrust throughout the rev range, and excellent vibration-free acceleration with the minimum noise pollution. The majority of these new systems are original Nirvana products and you will not be able to find such a comprehensive range of equipment anywhere else in the world. This engine is fully compatible with all previous Nirvana products.

Flying lets us view the world from a birds-eye perspective. Our feelings are similar to those that only birds can experience. Nirvana gives you the opportunity to experience an overwhelming feeling of flying. The INSTINCT paramotor gives you full control over your flying experience. Make a decision now. Trust your instinct.

INSTINCT is supplied fully equipped:
  • Paramotor body with engine unit
  • Aeroelastic three-blade PULSE propeller
  • Strong and lightweight protective frame
  • Seat including main karabiners (size S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • Bottom and front container for rescue chute, including karabiners and interconnection
  • Paramotor, frame, propeller and accessories case
  • Practical bag with instruction manual and gearbox and propeller key
  • Bag for assembled paramotor
  • RS 130 rescue chute
  • Speed rack
  • DVD (according to current availability)
Ignition NIRVANA CIR (electronic with pre-ignition and battery charging regulation, microprocessor controlled start/stop button, moto-hour recorder and rpm meter output)
Carburettor Diaphragm WALBRO WB37
Reduction Belting 1:2.4 NIRVANA
Exhaust Tuned NIRVANA(standard / Steinless steel)
Propeller Carbon aeroelastic threeblade foldable 115/130cm with central bolt
Starter Manual and Electrical
Tank Integrated 14 Litres
Body Self-supporting laminated shell – Carbon/Kevlar sandwich High Line – surface exposed Carbon Comfort Line – painted fiberglass with carbon accessories
Frame Aluminium, five-parts reinforced frame, aerodynamic carbon laminated struts, easy and fully dismantle, optionally with variant TwistAir anti torque
Harness Anatomic construction absorbing remaining vibrations, straps AustiAlpin Cobra, bottom rescue chute container –easy to remove. Attachement points for Agama watter rescue system
Accessories Maintenance-free NiCd battery, charged during the flight, socket 16.8 VDC, fuel gauger; N-Gadget 1 ( RPM and flying time reader )
Gear Wheel Box for complete paramotor, propeller casing, Bag for assembled paramotor, Reducer spaner
Weight Weight 28 kg
Recommended weight of pilot 50–120 kg single
Fuel Consumption 2,5–6 litres per hour (influenced by the type of canopy used and the pilot weight)


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