Wheel Launch Training Course

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Same as the Foot Launch, except you sit and roll when you launch and land. Can be really useful if you physically cannot run with an extra 60lbs on your back.


3 reviews for Wheel Launch Training Course

  1. Aaron Winning

    Flying with Bryan is a must do! He is an excellent instructor and pilot. Everything about the flight went smooth, from communicating up to our flight, meeting up, to the take off and landing. He’s equipment is top of the line (the engineering of his paramotor is amazing) & I felt very safe at all times. Well worth every penny;)

  2. Josh Wilson

    WHAT A PROFESSIONAL! I must have told Bryan ten times how impressed I was with his professionalism, dedication, and considerateness (is that even a word?!)
    Ron coached me a few days too, and Ron was also very knowledgeable and I loved how I got the opportunity to get insight from TWO DIFFERENT very knowledgeable pilots during my class.

    Even though Bryan is young, and extremely cool, he never flaked out and was always all over the next opportunity to get some flight time in. Even on Saturdays and Sundays!
    He was always the first person to be there, and the last person to leave. He was always prepared and had enough gear for everyone.
    He helped me with some “fine tuning” on my harness and wing about a week after my class with him was done, and I know he will always be more than happy to help me with anything I need.

    This class was such an advantage for me in my Paramotor confidence, skills, and safety, and my experience was even 1000 times better with such quality instructors and just genuinely GOOD people. A++ Austin Paramotor!!!

  3. Carlos Longoria

    Bryan is very knowledgable, responsible and had a true passion for this sport. I’m glad we have someone to lead the sport in the area and is as enthusiastic as he is.

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