Foot Launch Training Course

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We provide everything you need during training. Motors, wings, harness, helmets, radios. There is no need to invest a bunch of money in gear before you ever fly, use ours!

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4 reviews for Foot Launch Training Course

  1. Mike McCluskey

    Highly recommend! I am currently training with Austin Paramotor and cannot be happier with my choice of schools.

    Bryan and Corey are hands down the best. Their experience and knowledge is only matched by their patience and obvious desire to share this amazing sport with others. They provide top of line gear to train on and their focus is on safety and producing pilots with skills that will last them a lifetime.

    You cannot go wrong with Austin Paramotor.

  2. Eric Moody

    I received PPG training a little over three years ago from Bryan West at Austin Paramotor. Not only is Bryan an excellent PPG instructor, mentor, and friend, I have also found him to be very supportive and helpful long after my formal training was complete. I highly recommend Bryan, Corey and Austin Paramotor to anyone considering PPG. It is an incredible life changing experience!!!

  3. Michael Reyna

    I took my training with Bryan and Ron at Austin Paramotor and it was hands down worth every cent!! Bryan and Ron were attentive, had quality equipment and ALWAYS kept safety his number one priority. If you have ever dreamed of flying and have been looking into the sport give Bryan a call and don’t put your dream of flight off!!

  4. Bert Grantges

    I’ve been flying for about 2 years now – When I first started looking at this sport in Austin, I did quite a bit of research and in the end I chose Austin Paramotor. My main reason for this – it didn’t sound easy. I know that may sound strange, but Bryan and Corey made me understand that this like any other sport has risks and their job, first and foremost was to ensure I became a great pilot with the least amount of risk. Instead of the others that said I’d be flying on my on in 5-7 session, Bryan and Corey made a commitment to me that I would be ready to fly at a minimum of 20 flights and after I had proven my proficiency in the sport. If it took more than that – the training covered it.

    I received my cert after my 20th flight – but the amount of dedication and support i’ve received after that flight has been huge – i’m truly part of a community, and know that as I continue to need skill improvement and support of my gear I have it. That alone is worth way more than the cost of the training.

    I couldn’t be happier with my choice with Austin Paramotor, and look forward to my continued involvement with the Paramotor Community here in Austin!

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