Dudek Universal 1.1

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Perfect for Beginners and Recreational Pilots

Universal is the first free-flying (EN B) paraglider ever which can be converted by its user into a full-blood paramotor canopy (conforming to the DGAC standard). Universal is a great free-flying recreational paraglide. Beginning pilots will surely appreciate exceptional comfort in uneasy thermals, resulting from considerable amount of reflex traits present in the design.

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Universal is dedicated for beginner and recreational pilots who fly:

  • exclusively free (but want to benefit from moderate reflex ability)
  • mostly free, sometimes with paramotor
  • both free and paramotor
  • mostly with paramotor, sometimes free
  • exclusively paramotor (but appreciate better economy, easier launch and nicer handling than in standard paramotor wing, like Synthesis2)

Universal is perfect for initial PPG training

Universal in standard version comes with factory-installed trimmers, but (!) they are disabled (!), e.g secured with plastic buckle and hidden in a neoprene sock. Along with developing pilot skills, or by the judgement of instructors trimmers can be activated (half, of full), and TST toggles can be installed (kit included in the bag).

Simplified “Basic” risers are an optional offer for the pilots who are not going to use the Universal’s speed to the limit (as possible after full activation of the trimmers present in the standard risers), while prefer to keep the risers clean and simple.

With the “Basic” risers the trimmer adjustment range is reduced by half, that is using the alternative steering is neither necessary nor required. That’s why these risers do not feature additional ALC+ steering, as well as TEA cleats.

The “Basic” risers are supplied with the inactivated trimmers, secured with a plastic buckle hidden under neoprene cover (such was the configuration certified to EN/LTF norm). Depending on pilot’s skill the trimmers can be later activated (fully or in part) by moving the buckle.

The “Basic” risers are an alternative for the standard risers – when ordering the paraglider they are to be specifically requested (the price remains the same).

Size 23 25.5 28 31 34
Certification  EN/LTF B  EN/LTF B  EN/LTF B EN/LTF B
DGAC Approval yes yes yes yes yes
Cell number 50 50 50 50 50
Surface area flat [m2] 23.00 25.50 28.00 31.00 34.00
Surface area projected [m2] 19.83 21.98 24.14 26.72 29.31
Wingspan flat [m] 10.83 11.40 11.95 12.57 13.17
Wingspan projected [m] 8.71 9.17 9.61 10.11 10.59
Aspect ratio flat 5,10
Aspect ratio projected 3,83
Sink [m/s] min = 1,1
Speed [km/h] min = 23; trim = 37-52; max = 57
Longest chord [mm] 2612 2751 2882 3033 3176
Shortest chord [mm] 601 633 663 698 731
Lines+risers length [m] 6.82 7.18 7.53 7.92 8.29
Total lines length [m] 344.01 362.82 380.74 401.20 420.70
Weight range DGAC [kg] 60-95 70-115 90-140 110-170 135-215
Weight range EN [kg] 60-75 70-95 90-115 110-140 (135-170)
Weight of the wing [kg] 5.6 5.95 6.4 6.85 7.35
Lines Technora 90 & 140 & 190 & 280 & 340 & 420
Cloth Porcher Classic 38 g/m2
Dominico 34 g/m2, Porcher Hard 40 g/m2, SR Scrim, SR Laminate 180 g/m2
Risers Pasamon – Bydgoszcz, Polska

3 reviews for Dudek Universal 1.1

  1. Cory McDonald

    Purchased my Dudek Universal 1.1 Fire from Bryan. Received very quickly here in Dallas and was kiting it within two days of ordering. Cant wait to get flying with it!

  2. Rick Dugan

    I bought a 31 Water 1.1 and this wing is dope. It’s totally stable, able to fly faster than most advanced wings and the materials are top notch. Through my learning process, I had some “incidents” and this wing took everything in stride. With almost 70 hours on it, I still have not explored the full range of what’s possible on this wing and will most likely keep this in my inventory as long as its able to fly.

  3. Bert G

    Awesome Wing! Has been a true performer for a new pilot, and has held up well as i’ve advanced. Bryan had the wing out super fast and have had nothing but positive experiences!

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