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A Demanding Wing for Demanding Pilots

We are proud to present the very best of slalom canopies: Snake XX. It is a reflex sport paraglider for very experienced pilots, who are familiar with small, fast and very agile canopies with short brakes travel. This is a demanding wing for demanding pilots.

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This is a demanding wing for demanding pilots. Highest performance available for fast slalom courses, with possibly best agility. It’s truly a champion’s wing. Despite highest aspirations we did our best to preserve legendary stability, known from our other reflex paragliders.

Development of the Snake XX was focused on creating the best performance for more and more popular slalom competitions. Shark nose profile gives better airflow on the leading edge and higher air pressure within canopy at any angle of attack. The leading edge features synthetic rods (Flexi Edge Technology), considerably improving launch characteristics and protecting against collapses at high speeds. Additionally, front part of the canopy is further stabilised with the LE2R technology (Leading Edge Double Reinforcements). Higher aspect ratio, a bit more cells and modified arc gives result in better economy and agility of the wing.

The Snake XX however distinctly differs from the original Snake; it is faster, more agile and more efficient, yet definitely more demanding and not quite forgiving errors. It is dedicated for advanced pilots (at least 300 hrs paramotor time on similar class of wings, i.e. Snake, Hadron, Hadron 1.1). These requirements are not excessive; for your own safety please observe them rigorously.

The Snake XX is a 4-liner: high speed and stability can be successfully matched only in this riser scheme, allowing for precise pressure distribution within all reflex range.
B riser is anchored on a pulley, minimising speed system forces (previously it was a simple quicklink).

At Dudek Paragliders we improve not only flight performance, but also constantly care for improvements in production quality. Accordingly, the Snake XX is produced from highest quality Porcher Skytex materials. Coupled with laser cutting, precise sewing and finish of every small detail this makes the Snake XX a masterpiece.

Obviously, the Snake XX is a member of new art family – the XX Four Elements, as Air, Water, Earth and Fire.
The paraglider is currently available in 5 sizes – 15, 16, 18, 20 and 22. We recommend to choose the size so that the wing load ratio stays within 6,5 – 9 kg/m2 range.

Great success of the original Snake forces us to maintain its production for the time being, so that proficient slalom pilots can freely choose a paraglider best suited to their needs.

The Snake XX as standard is equipped with both 2D and PA steering systems (PA stands for Power Attack, or Paap Kolar system).
Since the main steering is divided, experienced pilot can adjust progression of trailing edge action to his needs.

Lower line layers are made of sheathed lines, with non-sheathed rest.

The trimmer and speed systems change the angle of attack and raise the trailing edge of the wing, so that projected surface and chord are diminished by some 15%. This increases the wing loading and speed of the paraglider, while shifting the aerofoil’s center of pressure forwards increases its pitch stability. As a result, the Snake has better resistance to collapses and greater aspect ratio, meaning much better performance (especially at high speeds).

Lessened reflex of the Snake on closed trimmers is partly compensated for by its smaller size regarding the take-off weight. This results in higher wing loading.

  • MotoBag XX (backpack for tight canopy packing, without harness)
  • DewBag (quickpack)
  • Transport bag with compression strap.
  • Easy Catch speedbar
  • etui with documents and repair kit (self-adhesive cloth, spare line)
  • wind ribbon and windsock
  • small gifts
Name – size
15 16 18 20 22 28
Number of cells 60 60 60 60 60 60
Wing area flat [m2] 15.00 16.00 18.00 20.00 22.00 28.00
Wing area projected [m2] 12.94 13.81 15.53 17.26 18.98 24.16
Wingspan flat [m]  9.40 9.71 10.30 10.86 11.39 12.85
Wingspan projected [m]  7.62 7.86 8.34 8.79 9.22 10.41
Aspect ratio flat 5,90
Aspect ratio projected 4,48
Sink rate [m/s] min = 1.3 +/- 0.2
Speed [km/h] min = 30 ; trim = 46-60 ; max = 75 +/- 5
Lines + risers length [m]  5.64 5.83 6.18 6.52 6.83 7.71
Total lines length [m]  251.41 260 276.43 291.96 306.74 347.43
Take-off weight [kg] 90-105 (135)* 95-115 (145)* 110-125 (150)* 120-135 (160)* 130-145 (170)* 160-195 (230)*
Take-off weight DGAC** [kg] 90-135 95-145 110-150 120-160 130-170 160-230
Canopy weight [kg]  4.4  4.6  5.0  5.3  5.8 6.8
Lines Edelrid A-8000U: 050; 090; 130 / Liros TSL: 090 & 140 & 190 & 280
Cloth Porcher Sport 38 g/m2 / Dominico tex 34 g/m2 / Porcher Sport Hard 40 g/m2 / SR Scrim / SR Laminate 180g


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